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  • Corporate and Commercial Law Our team is made up of highly experienced professionals in commercial law specialising in national and foreign companies that operate in a wide range of sectors.

    Our commercial and corporate team provides comprehensive advice and works closely with clients every step of the way:

    • Incorporation of companies.

    • Drafting and amendment of articles of association.

    • Partner’s agreements.

    • Acting as secretaries to the Board of Directors and functions of the legal advisor.

    • Attendance to General Shareholders’ Meetings and advice.

    • Regulations of the Board and Meeting.

    • Corporate restructuring.

    • Retribution of directors and high ranks.

    • Assistance and drafting of all types of commercial contracts

    • International Contracting.

    • Counselling for corporate conflicts and defence of the partners’ rights.

    • Corporate actions.

    • Liability and duties of the directors.

  • Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) We offer comprehensive advice and a multidisciplinary approach for all matters related to mergers and acquisitions. We make all of our legal knowledge and experience available to the client.

    Our team is made up of different specialists (tax, corporate, labour law, etc.). This allows us to adapt to each situation and offer sound advice on every aspect of M&A operations. Thanks to our vast experience, we can provide first-class advice to companies on how to design, implement and execute these operations in order to achieve the business goals set.

    Our areas of operation are as follows:

    Our areas of operation are as follows:

    • Mergers and demergers.

    • Transfers of assets and/or liabilities, purchase and sale of activity branches and global assignment of assets and liabilities.

    • Corporate restructuring design and execution.

    • Joint venture.

    • Purchase and sale of companies from different sectors.

    • Due diligence.

    • Leveraged buyouts: LBOs and MBOs.

  • Tax Law The Tax Law Department at BALTAR ABOGADOS has been advising companies (both national and foreign) for years. We take care of daily operations and corporate relationships with tax authorities, as well as of more specific operations (such as mergers and acquisitions, due diligence processes, and the planning of company successions, corporate reorganisations or optimisations) from a tax perspective.

    • General and Financial Taxation.

    • Planning, Design and Execution from the tax perspective of corporate restructuring.

    • Tax Consolidation.

    • International Tax Planning.

    • Taxation for Real Estate Transactions.

    • Tax Planning of Family Estates and Business Succession.

    • Assistance in audits and other tax proceedings in all instances.

    • Transfer Pricing.

  • Property Law BALTAR ABOGADOS has extensive experience in providing comprehensive counselling regarding property matters. Their multidisciplinary team consists of lawyers specialised in different legal and tax aspects related to all types of properties (residential properties, office buildings, industrial and logistic warehouses, shopping centres, residential homes for the elderly, etc.).

    Our professional specialisation has enabled us to offer high-quality services and a multidisciplinary approach when providing legal counselling for complex property transactions, proposing solutions tailored to our clients’ needs and their challenges in the industry.

    Our areas of operation include:

    • Due diligence of real estate assets.

    • Sales and purchase of real estate assets and corporations (share deals and asset deals).

    • Negotiation and drafting of all types of real estate agreements: sales and purchase, leasing, exchange, surface rights, payments in kind, establishment of guarantees, etc.

    • Continued legal counselling during the complete promotion process.

    • Assistance for preparing and negotiating all types of construction contracts.

    • Property regularisation.

    • Negotiation of pre-litigious situations relating to real estate assets and counselling regarding litigious matters.

    • Analysis of the urban development situation of real estate.

    • Tax counselling regarding real estate operations, as well as legal structures to invest in this sector.

  • Civil Trial Law BALTAR ABOGADOS has wide experience in pre-litigious and litigious matters, directing judicial proceedings, and arbitrating private and public law cases.Our team has taken part in a great number of judicial and arbitration proceedings.

    Our areas of operation are as follows:

    • Executive or declarative relief proceedings of any nature.

    • Contractual and non-contractual liability actions.

    • Claim of sums, including order for payment and exchange proceedings.

    • Civil contracting.

    • Equity settlement proceedings (jointly-owned property, distribution of estate).

    • Corporate actions (challenging agreements, transfer of directors’ liabilities).

    • Insolvency incidents.

  • Economic Criminal Law BALTAR ABOGADOS has broad experience in economic and corporate criminal law, as well as in the implementation of Compliance programs in companies.

    Our economic criminal law team has taken part in many hearings and legal proceedings, as well as in the implementation and follow-up of legal compliance programs in companies. We offer our customers frequent and comprehensive advice regarding crime prevention measures.

    Our areas of operation are as follows:

    • Criminal misrepresentation and fraud.

    • Criminal Act of Bankruptcy.

    • Company Offences.

    • Offences against property and socio-economic order.

    • Offences against tax authorities and Social Security.

    • Third-party liabilities arising from offences.

    • Offences against intellectual property.

    • Offences for the disclosure of corporate secrets.

    • Prevention of criminal risks within the company: establishing compliance programs.

  • Bankruptcy Law – Insolvencies BALTAR ABOGADOS has broad experience providing comprehensive advice in insolvency proceedings and corporate restructuring operations. Each member of our multidisciplinary team of lawyer specializes in a legal or fiscal aspect related to refinancing, pre-bankruptcy or administration. We offer advice regardless of whether you act as creditors, debtors or are interested in purchasing production units. Our professional specialisation has enabled us to offer high-quality global and transversal services and a multidisciplinary approach when providing legal counselling for insolvency proceedings, proposing solutions tailored to our clients’ needs and their challenges in the industry.

    Our areas of operation include:

    • Due Diligence of the company’s liabilities.

    • Filing for pre-bankruptcy proceedings and insolvency proceedings.

    • Standstill and refunding or extrajudicial payment agreements.

    • Purchase and sale of production units or essential elements.

    • Negotiation and drafting of all types of insolvency proceedings contracts.

    • Legal counselling throughout the entire insolvency or asset acquisition process (agreement proposal, liquidation plans…).

    • Assistance in the preparation and negotiation of all types of agreements with the Bankruptcy Administration.

    • Negotiation with creditors and debt restructuring, subscription of refinancing agreements and counselling on the matter.

    • Tax advice in acquisition or restructuring operations, as well as in legal formulas used to invest in or purchase production units.

  • Labour Law Our team has experience offering companies recurrent labour advice. Moreover, we are in good working terms with the Labour and Social Security Inspectorate, having supported many companies over the years and helped them with:

    • Design of, and advice on, wage structures and senior management remuneration.

    • Employment contract termination.

    • Expatriation of employees.

    • Contracting and subcontracting works and services.

    • Relationship with Labour Inspection Authorities and Authorities from the Autonomous Regions and the Ministry of Labour.

    • Legal defence in labour proceedings (dismissals, industrial disputes, substantial modification of working conditions).

    • Downsizing (LFAPs, collective modifications of working conditions, pre-retirement).

    • Collective bargaining.

  • Administrative Law At BALTAR ABOGADOS we advise entities of the public sector, private companies and individuals on administrative law:

    • City planning (urban planning, management and execution), procedures to obtain the corresponding urban licenses.

    • Public sector procurement (tenders, appeals, contract execution).

    • Public goods (waters, coasts, mines, ports, public title goods).

    • Subsidies and aids.

    • Patrimonial responsibility of the Public Administration.

    • Expropriation.

    • Infringement proceedings.

    • Administrative proceedings and administrative appeals.

    • Legal proceedings against the State by an individual or an organisation (contencioso-administrativo).

  • Outsourcing The team at BALTAR ABOGADOS is available to clients to provide accounting and management support. Our services are particularly designed for branches of foreign companies that set up in Spain, Permanent Establishments, and companies that, due to their nature and special characteristics, require high quality care. The following are among the services within this area:

    • Keeping accounting records.

    • Submitting the company’s official accounting books.

    • Completion and submission of tax returns.

    • Daily administrative procedures in the company: invoicing, cash position, bank reconciliation, internal financial information reports.

    • Daily working procedures in the company: payslip preparation, Social Security registration and unregistration, advice when signing work contracts.


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