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  • Gabriel Baltar

    “We deal with our customers’ problems as if they were our own, and we fully engage on finding a solution.”

    Gabriel Baltar Giraud. Graduate in Economic Sciences from Universidad de Vigo.

    Master’s Degree in Financial Law at Centro de Estudios Garrigues. He has wide-ranging professional experience advising companies on questions relating to tax law, having spent many years of his career in senior positions at prestigious international firms.

    He specialises in corporate group restructuring, international taxation and tax procedures. He frequently acts as an advisor in the tax planning of mergers and acquisitions, at both the national and international level. Furthermore, he takes part in due diligence procedures arising from the purchase or sale of companies in different sectors.

    Likewise, he actively takes part in advising and mentoring clients analysing their investments abroad and international expansion.

    Gabriel Baltar Giraud

    Our goal is to be one more piece of the corporate organisations that we advise: an outsourced legal department with experience and qualifications. To achieve this, we dedicate all of our effort and commitment, planning operations in the legal field and resolving problems that may arise in legal matters.


  • Jaime Carrera

    “Dedication, effort and hard work, our fundamental values that ensure we achieve the best results”

    Jaime Carrera Rafael. Graduate in Law from Universidad de Santiago de Compostela He has worked as a lawyer and insolvency receiver for more than 15 years.

    He is a specialist in Procedural Law and Private Law (Civil Law, Bankruptcy Law and Commercial Law), as well as in the Economic Criminal branch of Public Law. He has wide experience legally advising on said matters.

    He also has a great deal of experience leading the representation in many court and insolvency proceedings, and also carries out activities at the pre-litigation stage.

    Jaime Carrera Rafael

    Being aware of the current needs and demands that companies have in conflict situations, our priority is to provide our clients with comprehensive and satisfactory counselling services in order to resolve such problems effectively, efficiently and agilely. To this end, we advise and intervene in each problem in its entirety, managing and resolving it as if it were our own with the sole purpose of obtaining the best results for our client.


  • Rebeca Jiménez

    “Our key success factor is our team.”

    Rebeca Jiménez Valcárcel. Graduate in Law from Universidad de Vigo. She has extensive professional experience advising companies and individuals in matters relating to tax law. She spent much of her career in the Taxation Department at an internationally renowned firm, where she held senior positions.

    She has wide-ranging experience in technical assistance services for all kinds of tax procedures, especially tax inspections and administrative appeals. Moreover, she frequently assists in contentious-administrative appeals relating to tax matters. She also has extensive knowledge in Inheritance Law and carries out planning regarding inheritance taxes.

    Rebeca Jiménez Valcárcel

    To be able to offer our clients a comprehensive service of the highest quality, and to respond to each and every requirement they have, we need a solid team with broad experience in the key sectors of the economy, along with technical knowledge adapted to the needs of the markets.

    Not only do we strive to find the best professionals, but also to take an active role in training them.


  • Miguel Abreu

    “We offer all our experience to obtain innovative and practical solutions”

    Miguel Abreu Iglesias. Graduate in Economics from Universidad de Vigo. Master’s Degree in Tax Consultancy and Taxation from the Centro de Estudios Financieros and Executive Master’s Degree in Company Law from the Garrigues Centre for Studies.

    He has a solid professional background advising on corporate taxation and wealth management, advising some of the main business groups and high net worth individuals, both in Galicia, as well as nationally and internationally.

    On the other hand, he advises on a recurring basis on the tax implications of restructuring and acquisition operations, analyzing and implementing investment and divestment structures, as well as on inheritance tax planning.

    He is a member of the Pontevedra Association of Economists and has given several seminars on tax matters.

    Miguel Abreu Iglesias

    All of us at Baltar Abogados carry out our work with an unwavering commitment to accuracy and excellence. Our team is made up of professionals with a wealth of experience in the field of legal advice. This know-how and talent that characterizes the people who make up the firm enable us to address complex challenges and offer solid and innovative solutions, with a practical approach.


  • Nuria Prieto

    “Good training, essential to be able to offer quality advice”

    Nuria Prieto González. Degree in Economic-Business Law from the Universidad de Vigo and Master’s Degree in Accounting and EU Taxation, which complements her comprehensive education. With a consolidated career in a prestigious international firm, she has forged more than a decade of experience in the field of corporate tax advice, a specialization that places her at the forefront of her field.

    A specialist in Taxation and Global Mobility Services, her professional focus encompasses both tax advice to large national and international groups, participating in numerous corporate restructuring operations, and the impact of international employee mobility on corporate tax strategies. She has proven her ability to adapt and comply with the complexities of international tax systems, being well-known for her ability to handle the demands of corporate economic law in a globalized context.

    Throughout her career, she has stand out for her competence in handling tax policies affecting the international operations of corporations. Her experience extends to precise guidance in tax planning matters, as well as intervention in cross-border procedures, making her an invaluable advisor for entities seeking global tax optimization and efficient resource management in the current economic landscape.

    Nuria Prieto González

    At Baltar Abogados we are firmly committed to the continuous training of our professionals. Being up to date and anticipating to the continuous changes that arise in the legal field, we can also seek cutting-edge solutions for our clients.


  • Bibiana Rodríguez

    “Every customer is unique. So are the solutions we offer them”

    Bibiana Rodríguez Rodríguez. Graduate in Law from Universidad de Deusto. Before joining the Firm, she headed the Corporate and M&A department of another prestigious international firm.

    She has wide experience in corporate legal advice to groups of national and international companies in various sectors.

    She specializes in the design and execution of corporate restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, preparation and coordination of due diligence processes, corporate law, and commercial contracts and general commercial law. She has also worked as secretary of different boards of directors and legal advisor to companies.

    In addition, she has also taught commercial law in several masters and seminars and collaborates in the drafting of legal publications.

    Bibiana Rodríguez Rodríguez

    Our interest in understanding our clients’ business allows us to find innovative and flexible solutions adapted to their needs. Establishing long-term relationships with our clients, built on trust, professional ethics and transparency, allows us to accompany them in the achievement of their objectives and in the construction of their future.


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